Meal Plan Mondays

I am a planner.  I am one of those people that prefers to have as much planned ahead of time as possible, in every aspect of my life. (My boys hate this, because spur of the moment plans…which teenage boys are notorious for, drive me bat shit crazy)  So, when it comes to Menu planning, you’d better believe that everything is planned out before I set foot in the grocery store.


I wasn’t kidding about loving to plan.  This is the Meal Planning section in my Happy Planner!



Now, my meal plan is definitely flexible.  I move things around based on what we are in the mood for on particular days.  We aren’t locked in to eating what is on the meal plan for a particular day.  But before I hit the grocery store to shop for the week, you’d better believe that I have a plan in place.  I honestly don’t think we could’ve stuck to a Ketogenic diet for six months without weekly meal planning playing a big part in our success!  That also doesn’t mean that I only purchase what is on my list.  If I catch bacon or ground beef or some other “Keto staple” on sale, then I stock up.  Sometimes that also means I may add or drop things off my menu plan based on what’s on sale or what is really expensive that week.  I also just might pick up some Keto treats, like Halo Top or Lily’s chocolate once in a while.  Your plan doesn’t have to be set in stone, but it really does help to have one!

I figured since I am planning out my weekly Ketogenic menus and grocery lists, I might as well share them here each Monday.  Sometimes it’s just helpful to see what other families eat and how other Keto dieters do things!  I will do my best to share links to recipes when I can, but some of these meals are just things I throw together randomly! I won’t be including macro information here with the menu plans (I’m not that organized!), but I will do my best to include it if I post a recipe here on my blog!

I normally include a few Slow Cooker recipes and a few Instant Pot recipes into my menu plan on the days that I work.  This week, I only work one day so there won’t be many! But I will designate them as either CP for Crock Pot or IP for Instant Pot recipes.

menu plan

Breakfast options: My usual breakfast is a simple and quick Bulletproof coffee, my husband usually opts for a low carb protein bar on his way out the door.  On the weekends we get a little more extravagant!  Our Sunday Big Breakfasts usually include eggs, 2 meats, and sometimes Keto Biscuits & Gravy (recipe coming soon).

Lunch Options: I usually keep lunch pretty simple.  Weekday lunches are either leftovers or we throw together a plate of snack foods.  Snack plates are just that, usually 2-3 good fatty snack foods that will satiate hunger and keep us full through the afternoon. Keeping it simple with lunches really helps us stay on track.

Dinners are where we get a little more exciting! I like to try to include a variety of foods in our dinner rotation. We eat a lot of the same things for breakfasts & lunches, so I like to keep dinner interesting!

Here are links for some of the dinner recipes:
Zucchini & Sausage Skillet from Trina’s Paleo Newbie
Cheesy Taco Shells from Food Network
Keto Waffles
Kalua Pig from nom nom paleo
Parmesan Crusted Chicken from O Taste and See

I’ve tried to include everything needed on the grocery list.  Much of it, I think of as pantry staples, so they aren’t things I would need to buy each week.  But I’ve tried to make it as complete as possible. I also didn’t include amounts of foods.  You would need to decided that based on family size.  Cooking for one or two is much different than cooking for a family of four.  So use your judgement based on what you would need for your household size!

Grocery list

I post almost all of my meals on my Instagram account, so feel free to follow me @oh.hello.keto to see photos of how all of these meals turn out and to see what kind of snack plates we put together this week!

Keto on & have a great week!


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