Today marks our 6 month Keto anniversary!



Enjoying a Keto brownie on our six month Keto-versary! Find the recipe here!

Six months ago, my Husband and I made a decision that would change our lives.  Both of us were overweight, and he was struggling with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  We knew we had to make some drastic changes to our lifestyle, but didn’t know exactly where to start.  We had both done low carb diets before, with success early on, we’d last a couple months and then gain weight back.  It worked, we just couldn’t find a way to make it sustainable.

So, I started doing my research.  And I stumbled upon the Ketogenic Diet and history was made.  Well, history for us, that is!  We’ve lost a combined total of about 70 pounds on Keto, but we’ve gained much more than we’ve lost!  While we chose this diet based on it’s success for weight loss, we have reaped many of the other benefits as well.  Eating less sugar has had a direct influence on the mood in our house.  Less blood sugar spikes, mean less attitude, bringing peace and harmony to the Oh Hello Keto household! Keto has also given us more sustainable energy, which means we’ve both started working out again.  Mr. Oh Hello Keto has even started hitting the gym at 4:30am before going to work each day!  Talk about dedication!  And while, I haven’t had any lab work drawn, he has.  His blood pressure is now managed with diet and medication and his cholesterol has come down 46 points (from high to the normal range) with just diet alone!  I am extremely proud of us and our dedication to the Ketogenic Diet.

It hasn’t always been easy.  Jumping into the Keto Diet means making drastic changes.  Everything food related becomes difficult.  From grocery shopping to cooking to eating out in a restaurant all become foreign affairs.  Suddenly, you have to do everything differently.  You have to change your entire mindset about what you put in your body.  And while it is tough, it’s totally doable.  If we can adapt and thrive in this way of life, anyone can! It takes some time to adapt and become proficient at getting the correct amount of macronutrients to properly fuel your body.  But it does get easier as time goes by!  We rarely have to think very hard now about what to cook or what to order in a restaurant, after some time, it became second nature to us!

This truly has become a way of life for us.  We have no intention of ever going back to a carb rich diet.  The reason I believe Keto is successful, is simply the fat.  Fat makes you feel full.  It’s that simple.  Eating healthy fats in reasonable amounts (no, it’s not really all bacon, all the time), allows us to eat until we are satiated, keeps us feeling fuller longer, and we still get to eat rich, filling foods that don’t taste “diety.”  Fat has been demonized by the sugar and food industry.  I won’t get into that here, there are plenty of Netflix documentaries to watch on the subject, just do a quick search! My point is, the hardest part of this way of eating, is the mental hurdle of eating so much fat.  But once you do, amazing things will happen!  If you are on the fence or considering hopping on the Ketogenic bandwagon, I highly recommend giving it a try!  You won’t regret it!

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I thought I would share some progress pictures from my journey!  The scale doesn’t always want to agree with my weight loss, so I’ve found that taking my measurements and taking a few progress pictures every now and again, is really helpful!  When you see yourself everyday, its easy to overlook your physical changes!  Celebrate your success with photos!


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