Meal Plan Mondays (Clean Keto April) ~ Week of 4/3/17

My meal plan this week is pretty basic.  I’ve decided to take on a Keto Clean Eating challenge for the month of April. I’ve joined a group of awesome Instagramers in a private Facebook Group with the “simple” goal of eating clean and staying within the Ketogenic Eating guidelines for the entire month of April.  I’ll be honest, I’ve already found it challenging.  I was not exactly prepared and didn’t have a full house of groceries when I started on Saturday, so eating on Saturday was difficult until I was able to stock up on meats & veggies on Sunday morning!  Plus, we were invited out for drinks on Saturday night, which for me (part of the challenge being no sodas and no alcohol) meant sitting at the bar, sipping on my water!



The guidelines are pretty simple.  I’m modifying them slightly, because giving up dairy would be way too much for me.  So I will be limiting my dairy consumption to grassfed butter (mainly in my bulletproof coffee), small amounts of heavy whipping cream and minimal cheese.  I will be giving up actual whipped cream, cheese as a main part of a meal, cottage cheese, cream cheese, etc.  I will also be giving up all artificial sweeteners for 30 days.  This is the part that is going to be tough, but I feel like I’ve become too reliant on sweeteners, which I feel make me crave them even more.  Maybe not in the same way that sugar used to make me crave more sugar, but I do feel like I still have a mental dependence on sweet things.  So part of these 30 days will be breaking that mental aspect of my diet.  The hardest thing to give up will be my diet soda…but I can do it!
We are following the guidelines set forth by the Keto Diet App, as seen in the link below:


So meal planning was a bit more challenging this week, attempting to keep my meals within the Clean Keto guidelines.  Not all of the meals will be 100% Clean, as I am making some adaptations to fit my diet where I need too (using some diary, electrolyte replacements, and protein powder on workout days).  Also, my Hubby and kids will be following a normal Keto diet and not doing the Clean Keto Challenge. So you’ll still see some things that aren’t fully Clean Keto on my grocery list (low carb protein bars, pepperoni, beef sticks, etc.), as those items belong to them! However, this month, for me, will be a million times “cleaner” than my normal Keto diet, so the improvement will hopefully be noticeable!

My basic plan is below, breakfasts are pretty much the same as last weeks.  Breakfast & lunches usually don’t change much around here.  But I did have to sub out my snack plate lunches for the week since cheese and processed meats were a big part of that, and they are off limits now.  So I’m hoping to rely on leftovers and will be cooking up some extra chicken, shrimp & veggies to help with lunches!menu plan 4317.jpg


The only recipe I currently have up is for Sunday morning’s crustless quiche, which can be found here: Farmhouse Keto Breakfast Casserole   I will work to add more of these recipes as I post them throughout the week!

Here is the basic grocery list for this week’s Meal Plan:

Grocery list 4317

I hope everyone has a great week!  Wish me luck as I continue on this Clean Keto journey.  I’ll keep all of you posted on how it is going! Happy Meal Plan Monday!



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