Bacon Wrapped Avocado

Up until the last few years, I would always steer clear of avocados.  I avoided guacamole and anything with avocado in it.  It just seemed unappealing to me. It was green and mushy and got brown almost instantaneously.  Then, a few years ago, I really started looking at the importance that fats play in our diet and wanted to start adding more “good” fats to my daily diet.  So I decided to give avocado one more try.  So I started small, and started adding just a few pieces (maybe a quarter of an avocado) on top of my scrambled eggs.  And slowly, I started enjoying the taste and texture with my breakfasts.  Over time, I started adding more and more avocado to my dishes.  Now, I sprinkle a little pink Himalayan salt on top and eat it with a spoon!  I even have a special, cute little avocado holder to hold the half I didn’t eat (although, I can happily eat a whole one in one sitting)!



I avoided this recipe for a long time after seeing it, because of the simple fact that the avocado is served HOT! What?  Hot avocado?  I totally thought that there was no way that would be good.  But I kept seeing it pop up on my Instagram feed.  And bacon and avocado are great together.  I love eating bacon chips and mashed avocado.  So I thought, why not?  I gave it a try and the results were amazing!  The avocado gets soft and warm and the bacon gets crispy and salty!  It is a seriously delicious combination. If you like either bacon or avocado, I highly recommend trying out this recipe.  It makes a great appetizer, but I also like to eat it for lunch!  The recipe itself is super easy and only requires two ingredients (can you guess what they are?).  Takes about 15 minutes to heat up, and only a few minutes to put them together while the oven is preheating!


1 avocado4 slices of bacon


Preheat oven to 425.  Cut avocado in half and remove pit.  Remove skin and cut each half into 4 “slices”.  Cut bacon slices in half also.  Wrap each piece of avocado with a piece of bacon.  I like to place aluminum foil on my baking dish, makes for super easy clean up!

Pop in the oven for about 12 minutes.  I like to pop them under the broiler for a few minutes after they are done baking, just to give the bacon some extra crisp!  The crispy bacon makes for a really nice texture contrast between the soft avocado and crisp bacon!

Don’t forget to save your bacon grease!  All good Keto’ers have a jar of bacon grease hanging out in the fridge!  The grease is great to have on hand for adding to dishes to give flavor and added fat when needed!

I like to enjoy mine with just a little but of ranch dressing, but really no dip is necessary.  The flavor is amazing on it’s own!  I will however, give you this warning:  These come out of the oven really HOT!  It’s a good idea to let them cool a little bit before enjoying.  I usually end up burning the roof of my mouth at least once, because honestly…it is just so hard to wait for them to cool off!  I hope you all enjoy them as much as we do!


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