5 Ingredient Keto Coconut Flour Pancakes! 

First and foremost, I have big news!  I’m on YouTube!  I’ve posted a few videos so far, but this is my first recipe video!  Check it out!

Check out my Keto Pancake video here!

Since adopting a Ketogenic lifestyle 9 months ago, I’ve been missing pancakes.  I’ve tried a ton of recipes and none of them were quite right.  So last week, when Mr. Oh.hello.Keto mentioned that he really wanted some pancakes, I decided to go on a quest to find a great Keto pancake recipe!  And I think I’ve found it!  This one really hit the spot.  And while it isn’t the exact same as regular pancakes, it’s pretty close.  Last week, I added some pecans and homemade heavy whipping cream and they were delightful!  I hope you enjoy them as much as we did here!

The base for this pancake recipe is only 5 ingredients and it is so super simple!


4 eggs4 ounces cream cheese4 Tbsp coconut flourpinch of baking powderpinch of cinnamon

Beyond that, you can add all kinds of delicious things to the batter or on top to make them your own! Add berries, nuts or sugar free chocolate chips!

Let’s make it!

Basically, throw all the ingredients into your blender and whir it up!  (It’s so stupid easy, you almost don’t need a recipe!) Your batter should be thick, but pourable.  Pre-heat your skillet to medium heat.  Pour pancakes into skillet,  this recipe will make about 8 pancakes!  Cook them a few minutes on each side.  Check out my YouTube video linked above for more details!

Next step: Enjoy the heck out of your pancakes!

Macros for 4 pancakes:

Calories: 460, Fat: 34 grams, Net carbs: 10 grams,  Protein 20 grams

These are a little higher on the carb side, so we do reserve these pancakes for a treat.  They are definitely not an everyday meal.  But when you are craving traditional pancakes, they are a huge lifesaver that you can still fit into your Keto diet as an alternative to a high carb short stack!  Just be sure to adjust your carb intake for the rest of your day!

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