About me!


Welcome to my Ketogenic journey!

The Ketogenic Diet is a low carb, high fat, moderate protein way of eating that allows the body to burn fat efficiently!  I have been doing Keto for over 8 months and have successfully lost 30 pounds, which puts me a little over halfway to my goal!  I have tried a gazillion diets over the years and usually last about 3 months before gaining whatever I lost and then some.  However, Keto is different.  I’m closing in on a year and have no intention of stopping.  I absolutely love this way of eating!

I am a wife, mother and Radiologic Technologist by trade. I have two teenage boys who keep me busy with their athletic schedules and I work at 3 clinics and a hospital.  So if I can stick to Keto with My busy life, anyone can do it!  My husband is in this with me, it is awesome to have the support. So from time to time, I might also share his milestones and successes too, if he’ll let me! I’m a runner and a lifter.  I have a new found love for lifting heavy shit (oh yeah, and I have the mouth of a sailor…beware). I hear people (even fellow Keto’ers) saying you can’t workout while on a low carb diet and I’ll attest to the being bullshit.  Initially, my energy levels were low on Keto, but once I got things figured out and became fat adapted, my energy levels went back up.  My endurance during runs has never been higher.  And I am able to lift a lot heavier weights than I ever have before!

I have finally unlocked what works for me.  And I want to share it with anyone looking for information!  So that is what you will find here.  My experience with the Ketogenic Diet.  I can’t attest to the science of it or why it works better for some than others. I’m not here to argue with the haters that it is dangerous.  I’ve done my research and spoken with medical professionals about the risks and benefits.  I am a healthy individual who can benefit from a low carb way of eating! I’m not going to spend my time defending my choices.  But I will share my experiences, my successes and my failures (because there will totally be those moments too).

So welcome! I hope you stick around awhile!